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Helping you find the joy in movement.

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The Pilates Studio

Tone, Sculpt, Stretch & De-Stress.

Come and join our beautiful, judgement-free Studio, located in the heart of Long Jetty. Offering a variety of class styles including; Mat Pilates, Reformer, Barre, Yoga and Flow, which are suitable for all ages and levels.

We will help to strengthen your entire body, gain flexibility, increase joint mobility and find mental clarity. All whilst having a laugh, feeling the burn and enjoying the new ways in which your body can move.

Get started with our Intro Pass to start on your new & improved wellness journey. We can’t wait to meet you.

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The Online Studio

Helping you respect your body.

I will inspire you to exercise with heart, to really focus on feeling the movements, the stretches and the burn. I want you to treat your body with the love and respect it deserves. Sure, that might mean to push through the burn & to keep pulsing when you want to stop. But trust me… you’ll not only feel the difference in your body, but you will also see the benefits in a short amount of time.
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The Studio

Our passionate Instructors design new classes every single week, with a focus to improve posture, strength, balance and flexibility, whilst giving you that deep burn in all the right places! Be inspired to reach your fitness and wellness goals, by setting a new standard for your body and mind. Whether you’re a first-timer or a Pilates-pro… Our Studio is right for you.
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“Your classes are fantastic, although they are exercise they are so much more and I can’t get enough. Thank you for your beautiful lessons, great environment and welcoming nature to 1st time students.”



“I am only a newbie to Pilates and started only a few weeks back. I absolutely love it and feel stronger, fitter and more relaxed after each visit. It was suggested that I try Pilates to help recover from spinal surgery, I cannot believe how much my body has thanked me from signing up. Thanks, I so look forward to our twice weekly meets.”



“Attending Pilates classes has greatly improved my strength and helped with recovery from previous sports injuries. The classes are fun yet challenging and offer something for all levels from beginner to more advanced.”