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Why everything happens for a reason

When I was young, my beautiful Mum put me into dance classes. From the very start I loved twirling around, stretching, and being able to express myself through movement. As I got a bit older, I decided I wanted to take it further and become a Professional Ballerina. I auditioned for many different full-time dance schools when I was 15, and got accepted into some very respected schools. I was at my head-teachers office at high-school one day when she asked “Why do you keep having days off for dancing?” The way she said ‘dancing’ was, to put it nicely, horrific. It made me feel small and so silly to be leaving School all the time, to do what I loved. I left school that day, crying, feeling like my dreams had been shattered and stomped on. Her words stuck with me, and I ended up staying on to complete my School Certificate. 
It’s funny how one person can change your world immensely.

I continued dancing part-time at the most incredible School on the Central Coast; Classique Dance. My teacher Kerrie Smith filled my world with the most amazing ways to move my body, took me through many Classical Ballet exams, Pilates classes, and inspired me to perform on a regular basis. Her love for dancing, her knowledge & dedication to her work, is absolutely breathtaking. 

I am forever grateful to have had such a beautiful teacher.

​I left high-school without knowing what was next. I did endless courses and changed jobs every few months. From Retail, to Beauty Therapy, to Administration… I had qualifications all over the place, but nothing really lit my fire. Nothing was filling me up, i had no inspiration to be the best I could be at those jobs. I felt… empty.

I got accepted to work on Cruise Ships over in Europe in 2008. This was it, the break I had been waiting for. But I somehow still felt empty. I was filling the hole with a trip away, to do a job I wasn’t overly thrilled about. But hey, I was going to see the world! That was until my gorgeous sister introduced me to her friend, Reece. I instantly felt butterflies and knew there was something special about this guy. We started dating and were head-over-heels for each other. It was then, that the time came for me to leave for Europe. And yep you guessed it, I ended up staying. 

I was still dancing part-time at 21, and decided to audition again for full-time. What was there to lose? Besides the fact that most schools deemed me ‘too old’, I was accepted into Ev & Bow Full-Time Dance Training Centre, in South Sydney. I started regular Pilates classes to gain strength before my big adventure. It was there in class one day, that I realised how much I loved the way Pilates made me feel. How it was changing my body shape. How much stronger, leaner and happier I felt. I thought to myself “If dancing isn’t my future, THIS is it.” 

Dancing full-time was not what I had imagined, I felt old amongst the class of 15 year olds. My heart wasn’t bursting with love and passion like it was before… it just didn’t feel right. Leaving was the hardest thing I could of done, but I am so so grateful I had the experience, as it brought me to my true calling.

I completed my Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction in 2012, through Pilates International in Sydney.My passion for Pilates is like no other, bigger than my passion for dancing. My job doesn’t feel like ‘work’. It’s something I absolutely love doing, teaching, and learning about. My clients leave feeling taller, lighter and more mindful about their bodies.

as Marilyn Monroe once said: 
“I believe everything happens for a reason.
​Sometimes, good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

I am finally living my wildest dreams and am bursting at the seams, to show and inspire you to treat your body with the respect and love it deserves. I believe everything in my life has brought me here, to this place where I feel happiness, kindness, love & gratitude. Thank-you beautiful Universe (and nasty head-teacher at high-school), you are amazing.

Nikki X

P.S. I am so proud to now call Reece my Husband, he has encouraged and motivated me to follow my dreams, and be the best version of myself. He is so supportive and loving, everything I could of asked for 🙂